The 2nd meeting of IX Research Advisory Committee

The second meeting of the Research Advisory Committee was held on a virtual platform during 10 - 11 January 2022. Dr. N.K. Krishna Kumar, Former DDG (Hort. Sci.), ICAR, New Delhi chaired the meeting. Other members of RAC viz. Dr. Vikramaditya Pandey (ADG Hort. Sci.), Dr. Umesh Srivastava (Former ADG), Dr. Jitendra Kumar (Director, IPFT, Gurugram), Dr. V.G. Malathi & Dr. V.C. Mathur (both former professors at IARI, New Delhi) , Shri T.P. Jayachandran Master (IMC Member) and Dr. H. C. Bhattacharya (former Director of Extension, Assam Agri. University, Jorhat) were participated in the deliberations. The Research Highlights 2020-21, A book on  ‘Biodiversity of Piper species in Western Ghats, India’, The Policy Brief titled  ‘The Pesticide Dilemma in Spice Sector’ and online Seed Portal  was   released. The RAC made several suggestions on the future  line of work to be under taken .