ICAR- IISR organized a webinar on ‘Hygienic Life and COVID 19’ to observe Gandhi Jayanthi.
COVID-19 has taught us the importance of using mask for preventing respiratory diseases, said Dr. T S Anish, Associate Professor of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. Many of the airborne diseases have subsided with the use of mask; he said adding that even the cases of tuberculosis have come down with the use of mask. Apart from individual health and hygiene, social health and intervention of police, health officials and volunteers have been playing crucial role in controlling the pandemic spread in the state, he said. COVID has shown us the inequality in development in our society which is contradictory to Gandhiji’s vision of Sarvodaya, the webinar observed.
Dr. J Rema, director-in-charge of IISR presided over the webinar. Principal Scientist Dr. C K Thankamani and senior scientist Dr. C N Biju were present. Scientists and other staff members of the Institution attended the webinar from different locations.