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622 accessions are being maintained in the field gene bank which consists of 423 accessions from Appangala, 102 accessions from Pampadumpara, 41 accessions from Mudigere and 56 accessions from Sakaleshapur.
Six genotypes (IC 349537, IC 584058, GGxNKE-12, IC 584078, CL 668, HS 1, IC 584090) with one check (Appangala 1) were evaluated for drought tolerance.
Targeted yield equations for predicting nutrient requirements for fixed yield targets in soils with varying fertility levels were standardized with minimum deviations.
Two isothermal molecular assays viz. reverse transcriptase loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) and reverse transcriptase recombinase amplification (RT-RPA) were developed to detect the CdVCV.