Crop Production and Post Harvest Technology

Division of Crop Production and Post Harvest Technology focus on the development of suitable spice based cropping/farming systems, GIS and crop modeling based on microclimatic factors, production of quality planting material, organic farming, efficacy of biofertilizers, Integrated Plant Nutrient Management, identification of drought tolerant varieties, evaluation for high quality lines, basic studies on the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites, characterization of bioactive principles in spices and post harvest processing techniques in spices.

Major Achievements

Standardized technology for organic farming in spices especially black pepper, ginger and turmeric

Planting materials of released varieties black pepper, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom seedlings are being produced and distributed to various developmental agencies of india.

High quality such as oil, oleoresin and intrinsic principles rich black pepper, cardomom, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cassia and nutmeg lines were identified.

Value added products such as white pepper from green pepper, salted ginger, new packing system for spices are new initiatives in spice processing.

High quality accessions of cardamom, ginger and turmeric were identified.

Eleven Cinnamomum species were characterized based on leaf volatile constituents.

In Cinnamomum verum three new chemotypes were identified based on essential oil composition of leaf and bark.

Essential oil constituents of Myristica fragrans, M. beddomei, and M. malabarica identified.

Modified HPLC method was standardised for the quantification of individual curcuminoids in turmeric.

Fungitoxic principles in allspice leaf oil and Chromolaena odorata leaves were characterized.

Flavones and triterpenes from   leaves of Piper colubrinum leaves, Humboldtia vahliana, Mussaenda frondosa and fruit pericarp of Artocarpus heterophyllus   were characterized.

Nematicidal principles in Strychnos nuxvomica, scented geranium and allspice were characterized.

Hand-held electronic nose was developed in collaboration with C-DAC, Kolkata, for determining the oil content in cardamom.

Antidiabetic potential of cinnamon and cinnamon – turmeric combination to develop spice-based nutraceutical products is in progress

Crop-weather relationships of black pepper and turmeric were quantified and weather based model s for yield prediction has been developed.

Phenology of ginger and turmeric has been worked out

Leaf area estimation model for black pepper and ginger has been developed

Mapped efficient spice producing zones

Climate analogue sites were identified for spices

Rainfall trend analysis at IISR Stations and major spice producing zones were done

Efficient black pepper propagation techniques has been standardised 

Annually 1.0 lakh black pepper rooted cuttings, 2.0tonnes of ginger and 4.0 tonnes of turmeric seed rhizome multiplied and distributed every year

Standarsied a medium consisting of soil and vermicompost   in 1:1 proportion for rapid multiplication of clove seed lings.

Developed a technology for efficient water management in field planted bush pepper   using drip irrigation. 

Effective root zone of field planted bush pepper was identified using radio isotope technique.

Developed a technology for fortifying potting mixture with Trichoderma, VAM, Phosphobacteria and IISR 6 for the production of healthy rooted Black pepper cuttings raised in Polythene bags.

Developed a technology for the production of vigorous rooted black pepper cuttings in soil less medium.

Developed a methodology for replacing sand in potting mixture with granite powder, which is a waste material obtained from stone quarries, for the production of rooted black pepper cuttingsv

Developed a technology for the production of disease free black pepper rooted cuttings in nursery by solarizing the potting mixture and addition of nutrients.

Associated for developing a machine for mixing and vending potting mixture for spice crops.

Identified suitable tuber, fodder, medicinal and pulse crops for black pepper garden

Developed an efficient weed management technique for controlling weeds in ginger using dried coconut leaves.