• Indian Plant Virus Database

    A database which attempts to assemble information about different plant virus species infecting various crop plants in India.

  • Radobase

    A compilation on host plants, symptoms, different species and molecular sequence data pertaining to burrowing nematodes.

  • Piper pep

    A database of experimentally generated peptides from black pepper

  • Spice Genes

    A germplasm database providing information on origin, characteristics and availability of various germplasm accessions maintained at ICAR-IISR.

  • Passcom

    A database on secondary metabolites of spices and their predicted biological activities

  • GSTLeadBase

    A database of phytochemicals inhibiting the Glutathione S-transferase(s) (GST) enzyme in Brugia malayi causing filariasis


    An online resource compiling information on bacteria reported to be associated with plants and tools for their sequence retrieval and analysis.

  • Spice Bibliography

    An online service on spice bibliography covering scholarly literature on 31 spice crops including seed spices

  • Agro Tech

    A platform for accessing various spices production technologies essential for farmers and researchers.