Planting Material

Planting material availability at ICAR-IISR Experimental Farm, Peruvannamuzhi (as on 31.05.2019)

Sl.No. Variety Stock Specific Characteristics
1 Sreekara 280  
2 Subhakara 369 High essential oil content black pepper variety with wider adaptability to all pepper growing tracts
3 Panchami 290 Late maturing variety of black pepper with excellent fruit set.
4 IISR Malabar Excel 45 Black pepper variety suitable for high elevation and rich in oleoresin
5 IISR Thevam 693 Stable yielding black pepper variety with field tolerance to Phytophthora
6 IISR Girimunda 885 Black pepper variety recommended for rainfed conditions and suitable for high elevation
7 IISR Sakthi 515 Black pepper variety with moderate resistance to Phytophthora
8 Arka Coorg Excel 185  
9 Piper chaba 2000  
10 Nutmeg graft (Viswashree) 200  
11 Nutmeg (Seedling) 500  
12 Allspice (Seedling) 200  
13 Vanilla cuttings 130  
14 Mangosteen (Seedling) 100  
15 Kokum 100  

List of planting material licensees of IISR

Farmers may approach our licencees for procuring planting material. To see a list of these licencess, click the link below