Scientific Cadre

   SL.NO                 NAME        DESIGNATION           SUBJECT
         1. Dr. J. Rema
Director(A) Principal Scientist & Head in charge ,Crop Improvement & Biotechnology
      2. Dr. Santhosh J. Eapen
Principal Scientist &  Head(i/c), Crop protection Principal Scientist 
      3. Dr. C. K. Thankamani Principal Scientist & Head(i/c), Division of Crop Production and Post-Harvest Technology  Agronomy
      4.  Dr. P. Ratha Krishnan  Principal Scientist & Programme Coordinator (KvK)       Agro Forestry
      5.  Dr. S. J. AnkeGowda Principal Scientist & Head(i/c) R. Station,  Appangala Plant Physiology
      6.  Dr. R.  Dinesh     Principal Scientist Soil Science
      7.  Dr. N. K. Leela     Principal Scientist Organic Chemistry
      8.  Dr. R. Ramakrishnan Nair     Principal Scientist Genetics & Cytogenetics
      9.  Dr. K. Kandiannan     Principal Scientist  Agronomy
     10.  Dr. K. S. Krishnamurthy      Principal Scientist  Plant Physiology
     11.  Dr. A. Ishwara Bhat     Principal Scientist  Plant Pathology
     12.  Dr. K. V. Saji     Principal Scientist  Economic Botany
     13.  Dr. P. Rajeev     Principal Scientist  Agricultural Extension
     14.  Dr. V.  Srinivasan      Principal Scientist  Soil Science
     15.  Dr. T. E. Sheeja     Principal Scientist  Biotechnology
     16.  Dr. E. Jayashree     Principal Scientist Agricultural Engineering
     17.  Dr. D. Prasath     Principal Scientist Horticulture
     18. Dr.C.M.Senthil Kumar               Principal Scientist Agricultural Entomology
     19.  Dr. Lijo Thomas     Senior Scientist Agricultural Economics
     20.  Dr. C. N. Biju     Senior Scientist Plant Pathology
     21.  Dr. R. Praveena     Senior Scientist Plant Pathology
     22.  Dr. Jeevalatha A     Senior Scientist Plant Pathology
     23. Dr. C. Sarathambal     Senior Scientist Agricultural  Microbiology
     24. Dr. Anees K.     Scientist Plant Biochemistry
     25. Dr. P. Alagupalamuthirsolai     Scientist Plant Physiology
     26. Dr. C. Sellaperumal     Scientist Nematology
     27. Dr. Sharon Aravind     Scientist Spices Plantation Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
     28. Dr. S. Aarthi     Scientist Spices Plantation Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
     29. Mr. V. A. Muhammed Nissar     Scientist SPMAP
     30. Ms. R. Sivaranjani     Scientist Plant Biochemistry
     31. Mr. Gobu R.     Scientist Genetics & Plant Breeding
     32. Ms.Sona Charles                                     Scientist Agricultural Bioinformatics
     33. Dr. Muhammed Faisal   Peeran     Scientist Plant Pathology
     34. Dr. H. J. Akshitha     Scientist Spices Plantation and Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (SPMAP)
     35. Dr.  Balaji Rajkumar     Scientist Agricultural Entomology
     36. Dr. Honappa Asangi     Scientist Spices Plantation and Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (SPMAP)